DP Prompt ~ Fictional visitors


Which fictional character I’d spend the day with? I suppose it would be with Gandalf or Bilbo Baggins. There’s something so calming about the way the shire looks, Especially those cute little homes under the little hills. I always longed for that kind of lifestyle, The kind of place I can hold a pencil and a notepad and write poetry all day, maybe even take up art while listening to the wise words of a grey wizard. How about you? Anyone fictional you’d like to meet? 50 shades of gray lead character? another Lord of the rings one? 😄


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  1. Tifa Lockhar 🙂 I think she’s a strong character and has a great history for being who she is. And the fact that she kicks butt is an extra. I admire her creator Tetsuya Nomura for drawing her profile with a soft feminine demeanor, but I admire her character even more. I’m repeating myself. I think I have a crush on her hahaha.

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