Cute..Sweet Story :D



My dear friend and lover of all things cute, especially sheep! friend Danielle K. ( @chocoaeggie ) posted this on twitter earlier today, I saw the video and I just had to share. It’s a beautiful and cute story. ^_^


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      • Okay, my friend. I remember saying in regards to what your reply was, “there’s the instinct to want to act but i am too timid” and i was saying back in a long winded way but will now shorten my Epic reply to this. We must go ahead and Act then wait for a reaction— if it’s good then go with the flow, if it’s bad then walk away immediately and tell yourself NEXT! because life is too short for us timid folk to keep hiding our wonderfulness from possible admires of wonderfulness…get it?? just like our paperman!!!! okay, I think what I originally wrote was way cooler but, I think you may like this and it’s on the same lines. hmmmm….I think this is still an Epic reply huh? sorry! *blushes*

      • It’s beautiful thank you, to be honest. Sometimes I do feel like I’m living two lives. Here I am open and writing my thoughts, yet in person I’ve been burned a lot so I haven’t been opening up as much anymore. But, you’re right. It’s time to keep on moving. Thank you πŸ™‚ xo

      • My friend, i have been burned, tossed, emotions kicked around and cheated on and so much much more worse (and I’m a nice gal to…go figure!!!) but…I won’t let bad relationships or shall I say “Bad humans” damage my “inner happy me” anymore, why let them win double fold. you know?

    • I love how true it is to what someone would do to catch another’s attention, If you love someone you would do anything to prove it right? especially love at first sight πŸ™‚

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