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How much would you sacrifice


There are many things i’m willing to sacrifice to make the time to spend with my girlfriend, i would give up everything from my personal time and do all i can to make her feel happy around me. But, i would never sacrifice my time that i have with my daughter nor would i sacrifice my closest friends in the pursuit of a relationship even if it’s the only relationship i ever want to be in. Friends and family are the single most important parts of our lives that we can always depend on, someone who truly loves you will accept this and won’t change a thing. Relationships are supposed to be unconditional after all, anything aside of that just isn’t a relationship anymore.

Don’t forget your own goals


Ever felt like you’re always chasing after someone else’s dream? sometimes we do that, when we are so much in love with someone. We help them achieve their goals and we put ours on hold, when you feel so strongly about someone nothing else matters. Then after they have achieved their goals you are happy for them but what of your own? what will you do? this is when you have to ask yourself if you have decided to pursue your own dreams or will you be left behind? don’t ever forget to chase after your own goals too, life is too short to waste it just sitting and wondering.