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The first step..


The first step..Begins with a single word..Followed..By trusting ..That..What you feel is true..Then..If the strings of time allows..You will be granted life’s most beautiful gift..That of the dance..Of hearts..


* Sometimes, the best chances are missed when we don’t 
listen to our hearts, trust in it and you may discover 
something truly amazing :) Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC

Vancouver transit FAIL


. . . . . . . . . . . .

Yups, we live in a great city! only problem is, our mass transit system fails 80% of the time through the year. In this case, the system fails so badly people are actually WALKING on the service track that spans well over 4 miles because the trains have no power.


I love these! XD





Now we know why bait mysteriously goes missing on a boat :P