DP Prompt ~ A good day


Raspberry jasmine tea ice cream sandwich



Shaved ice bowl with matcha sprinkles, green bean, red beans, mochi, fresh strawberries pineapples


My home, Vancouver 🙂

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  1. OMG, what yummy looking and sounding stuff!!! How are you? don’t know how to fix it but your posts don’s show up in my “reader” anymore…. lots of people I really like, like you, don’t show up …. but I’ll keep finding you, too good not to! Michelle 🙂

  2. Raspberry jasmine ice cream sandwiches? And blueberry cheesecake? Wow, I’d never want to leave that place. I love green tea ice cream, too. Lovely pictures, Andy. What is that body of water called? (I’m not familiar with Vancouver’s landscape.)

    • oh I am so going back again to try some more lol!

      That’s the Burrard inlet, Pacific ocean water comes in through there and the photo is looking towards downtown from the north shore 🙂

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