Strength, Innocence & Foundation.



I was on my way back from the gym the other morning, When I stopped at a red light and saw a family. The dad was carrying his daughter on his shoulders, while mom was pushing the stroller beside them.

The little angel was so happy being so high up too, her arms were waving around and there was such a big smile on her face, discovering a world higher than the clouds and watching people pass by. It was beautiful, but I saw something deeper. The father, Is a sign of strength and confidence. The child, innocence and mom the foundation by which they both lean on. To me, This is the true definition of love.

I may sound blunt and even rude here, For which I apologize for. But, I wish all relationships started with this as it’s basis. With honesty, devotion and the strength to see it through even if not perfect. There would be a lot less heartbreaks and a lot less doubts, even before the journey truly begins. After all, Why can’t it? why is it too much to ask for? This is my thought over the weekend, thank you for going with my semi random thought 🙂


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  1. Honesty, is such a difficult thing to expect. Apart from that I think as people nowadays, we are a lot more insecure, maybe with the digital age and too less privacy and too much interference. This constant need to connect with people, the competition of finding someone better than the previous one has driven love out of the door.

    I wonder how honest we are with ourselves though..

  2. I still remember when my dad carry me like that hahaha, I guess it’s just a sweet unforgettable memories hehe. And now my brother used to carry my niece like that too heheh, she’s so happy when being carried that way. 😀

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